XCH-009B Bicycle Gloves

XinHanYun's XCH-009B Bicycle Gloves feature a high-elastic Lycra and mesh fabric back for breathability and comfort. The black microfiber embossed palm with a thickened Gel inner cushion offers superior shock absorption and grip, protecting your palms during mountain biking. The stylish double lug design on the middle and ring fingers ensures easy removal, while the latest Velcro technology offers a customizable fit.

hand gloves for bike for men
hand gloves for men bike
hand gloves for men for bike

Specification of XCH-009B Bicycle Gloves

Product ModelMain MaterialFunctionalitySize(±0.3CM)
Overall Length15.815.616.1
Palm Width9.51010.5
Sleeve Width7.68.58.8
Finger Length33.33.5

Features of XCH-009B Bicycle Gloves

1. The back of the hand is made of high elastic Lycra fabric spliced with mesh fabric, rich in design, taking into account the elasticity and breathability to ensure softness, comfort, sweatproof and breathable;

2. Black microfiber embossed palm and thickened Gel inner cushion, super anti-shock, effective anti-slip, to protect the palm from injury, mountain biking;

3. The middle finger and ring finger are designed with double lugs, so you can pull them off in style;

4. The latest technology Velcro design on the drawer, elastic and sticky, allows you to wear it as you like.

Detail of XCH-009B Bicycle Gloves

Hand Gloves for Bike for Men

Hand Gloves for Bike Ladies

Hand Gloves for Men Bike

Hand Gloves for Men for Bike

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