XCH-001B Gym Gloves

XCH-001B Gym Gloves are designed to provide comfort, protection, and style during your workouts. The palm is made of high-quality sheepskin, offering a soft and comfortable feel while being sweatproof and breathable. The high-frequency voltage anti-slip cloud pattern and gel inner pad provide excellent grip and shock absorption. The personalized checkered matte silicone printing on the back adds a touch of style. The double pull lug design on the middle and ring fingers allows for easy removal. The neoprene embossing on the cuffs ensures a comfortable fit and proper air circulation. The thumb back features stitching with light towel cloth for breathability and sweat-wiping. Elevate your workout experience with these functional and fashionable gym gloves.

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Specification of XCH-001B Gym Gloves

Product ModelMain MaterialFunctionalitySize(±0.3CM)
GymsOverall Length1515.516
Palm Width8.99.39.8
Sleeve Width88.59
Finger Length3.13.3


Features of XCH-001B Gym Gloves

1.Palm with full version of sheepskin embossed, high-end atmosphere, soft and comfortable, sweatproof and breathable, wear-resistant and durable, long-lasting;

2. High-frequency voltage anti-slip cloud pattern + gel inner pad, anti-slip shock absorption, effective protection of the palm of the hand, so that cycling without worry;

3.Personalized checkered matte silicone printing on the back of the hand, rich in connotation, simple and uncomplicated, to enhance recognition;

4. Middle finger and ring finger double pull lug design, dashing pull off;

5. Neoprene embossing on the cuffs eliminates the discomfort of friction between the wrist and gloves, and the embossing allows proper air circulation and eliminates excess heat;

6. Thumb back stitching light towel cloth, breathable, wipe sweat, scratching, gentle treatment, let the movement more beautiful.

Detail of XCH-001B Gym Gloves

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