XCR-003B Warm Gloves

XCR-003B Warm Gloves feature a nylon lycra fabric on the palm and back of the hand, with a lining of shaker fleece for warmth and comfort. The gloves are tightly ordered and have good stretch, providing a close and generous fit. The finger strips and cuffs are sewn with elastic fleece for a comfortable and secure fit. The printed silicone modeling stripes on the palm and fingertips enhance grip and control. With black conductive microfiber on the thumb and forefinger, you can easily use electronic devices. The gloves also have a sewn-in connecting buckle for convenient storage.

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Specification of XCR-003B Warm Gloves

Place of OrignGuangdong, China
MaterialMilk silk fabric
Brand nameXinHanYun
Model NumberXCR-003
Applicable peopleunisex
Usageoutdoor riding/mountaineering/photography
Product nameBike cycling glove/Running glove/mountaineering glove
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Features of XCR-003B Warm Gloves

1. Palm, back of hand are the overall use of nylon lycra fabric, lining paste shaker fleece, one-piece sewing, tightly ordered, good stretch, windproof and sweat absorption, warmth and comfort, feel close, connotation generous;

2. Finger strips and cuffs are sewn with elastic fleece to expand the contraction, so that the best combination between cuffs and wrists, fingers and fingers, to enhance the comfort of wearing gloves;

3. Palm and fingertips with printed silicone modeling stripes, effective anti-slip, free control of both hands;

4. Thumb and forefinger with sewn black conductive microfiber, to ensure the free use of electronic products;

5. Inside plus sewing connecting buckle, convenient storage.

Detail of XCR-003B Warm Gloves

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