XCH-010 Bicycle Gloves

The XCH-010 Bicycle Gloves combine design and functionality with a breathable Lycra and mesh back, a shockproof, anti-slip microfiber palm, and a super absorbent thumb towel. These gloves ensure comfort, breathability, and a unique style.

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XCH-010 Bicycle Gloves

Specification of XCH-010 Bicycle Gloves

Product ModelMain MaterialFunctionalitySize(±0.3CM)
Overall Length14.815.215.6
Palm Width9.810.210.6
Sleeve Width7.17.57.9
OtherRunFinger Length2.833.2

Features of XCH-010 Bicycle Gloves

1. The Lycra fabric in the middle of the back of the hand is spliced with mesh fabric on both sides, which is rich in design, taking into account the elasticity and breathability, ensuring softness and comfort, sweatproof and breathable;

2. The palm of the hand using the whole plate of gray microfiber plus the center of the hollowed out four-pointed star mesh fabric splicing, the main force parts of the inner pad SBR and spot printing anti-slip pattern, appropriate shockproof, effective anti-slip, beautiful personality, so that the palm of the hand is also not willing to be ordinary;

3. Thumb towel cloth full coverage, super absorbent, can simply sassafras sweat.

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