XMT-002 Racing Gloves

XMT-002 Racing Gloves feature a high-end black sheepskin fabric on the back of the hand, providing a soft and comfortable feel. The gloves are sweatproof, breathable, and durable. The palm is made of microfiber with a layer of yellow silicone printing anti-slip strip, ensuring wear resistance and a strong grip for enhanced driving safety. The cuffs and thumbs are sewn with black 4-way stretch composite rocker fleece, allowing for greater freedom of movement and increased driving comfort.

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XMT-002 Racing Gloves

Specification of XMT-002 Racing Gloves

Product ModelMain MaterialFunctionalitySize(±0.3CM)
Overall Length2323.524
FibroidWarmPalm Width11.211.712.2
Sleeve Width8.799.5
Finger Length8.38.99.2

Features of XMT-002 Racing Gloves

1. The back of the hand is made of black sheepskin fabric, high-end atmosphere, soft and comfortable, sweatproof and breathable, wear-resistant and durable, long-lasting;

2. The palm of the whole surface of microfiber sewing, and the force bit plus sewing a layer of yellow silicone printing anti-slip strip of black microfiber, to protect wear resistance and anti-slip force, enhance the driving safety degree;

3. The cuffs and thumbs are sewn with black 4-way stretch composite rocker fleece, which allows the wrist and thumb to move more freely and enhances driving comfort.

Detail of XMT-002 Racing Gloves

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