XMT-002B Racing Gloves

XMT-002B Racing Gloves are lined with sewn-in pile fabric, providing sweat absorption and warmth for a comfortable experience. The gloves feature injection molded shell protection on the back of the hand, ensuring effective protection for hand joints and safety. The back of the hand also has a silver printed brand logo and reflective cloth folded bone on the index finger, offering dazzling reflection in the dark night and serving as an environmental warning.

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Features of XMT-002B Racing Gloves

1. Lined with sewn-in pile fabric, it absorbs sweat and keeps you warm and cozy;

2. The back of the hand injection molded shell protection, effective protection of hand joints, safe and reliable;

3. The back of the hand index finger silver printing brand LOGO + reflective cloth folded bone, dazzling reflective in the dark night, mentioning the environmental warning effect.

Detail of XMT-002B Racing Gloves

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