XSK-001B Warm Gloves

XSK-001B Warm Gloves feature a combination of fine-grained Oxford cloth and Taslan cloth stitching on the back of the hand and cuffs, providing a stylish design and windproof and waterproof protection. The palm is made of anti-slip patterned PU leather for a strong grip. The thumb and forefinger have conductive PU seams, allowing for easy operation of electronic devices. The inner lining is made of soft velvet paste and 150g loose cotton for warmth and comfort. The gloves also have a wrist with an elastic line and elastic band, along with a stretch rope on the cuffs, ensuring a secure fit and enhanced warmth.

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Specification of XSK-001B Warm Gloves

Product TypeWinter Ski Glove
SizeM/L/ XL
MaterialTaslon, keep warm cotton, non-slip PU
Packageone pair one polybag
Usageskiing, cycling, climbing
FunctionWaterproof, windproof, keep warm

Features of XSK-001B Warm Gloves

1. The back of the hand and the cuffs are made of fine-grained Oxford cloth with Taslan cloth stitching, and the interface is edged with red craft piping, rich in line beauty and design wind, windproof and waterproof, with a degree of expansion and contraction, which is free to wear;

2. The palm of the hand is made of full-board imitation leather PU with anti-slip pattern, which makes the grip strong and free;

3. Thumb and forefinger with conductive PU seams, cell phones, watches, tablets, etc. can be operated freely;

4. The inner lining is made of velvet paste 150g loose cotton, and the waterproof bag is sewn on, which is soft to the touch and keeps you warm and cozy;

5. Wrist plus sewing elastic line and elastic band, cuffs with convenient stretch rope, double protection, contraction freedom, to ensure that the gloves do not fall off the run, to avoid the cold air into the palm of the hand, to enhance the effect of warmth.

Detail of XSK-001B Warm Gloves

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