XSK-002 Heat Gloves

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red bike gloves
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pink bike gloves
reflective bike gloves
road bike cycling gloves
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XSK-002 Heat Gloves

Features of XSK-002 Heat Gloves

  • Windbreak in winter, ELECTRIC HEATING GLOVES, Three gear temperature control quickly warming up and warming your hands.

  • Full face 100% polyester stitching; Four-layer stitching, Polyester fabric&waterproof film&3mm 100% polyester sponge, and lined with thickened cotton flannel fabric; Delicate and soft texture, Windproof/Waterproof/Cold resistant/Absorbing sweat.

  • Thickened microfiber velvet stitching from palm to cuffs, Efficient warmth Dirt resistant Wear-resistant Slip resistant.

  • Touch screen micofiber, Seam retaining strip, Battery storage compartment, Non-slip silicone, Storage connection buckle.

  • Relective printing, Third gear heat adjustment, Adjusting buckle.

  • HIDDEN BATTERYCOMPARTMENT, Waterproof zipper withbattery cable inside, Safe and reliable.

  • 3800mAh, portable battery with long life, Universal charging port for mobile phones to replenish energy at any time, CE\FC\ROHS Certification, Safe and reliable.

  • FINGERTIP TOUCH SCREEN, You don't have to take off your gloves to play with touch screen devices wherever you like.

Detail of XSK-002 Heat Gloves

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