XSK-002B Ski Gloves

XSK-002B Ski Gloves are made with 100% polyester stitching and a three-layer fit, providing a waterproof and windproof experience. The thickened microfiber fleece on the palm ensures warmth and a strong grip with its anti-slip pattern. The gloves feature a 3mm polyester sponge inside for sweat absorption and heat preservation. With conductive microfiber on the index finger and middle finger, you can freely touch screens. The gloves also come with a 5V heating wire on the back of the hand, powered by a 3000mAh lithium battery, providing up to 4 hours of continuous warmth. The wrist and cuff are equipped with elastic lines, elastic bands, and stretch ropes for a secure fit and enhanced warmth.

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XSK-002B Ski Gloves

Specification of XSK-002B Ski Gloves

Product ModelMain MaterialFunctionalitySize(±0.3CM)
Overall Length29.53131.5
FibroidWarmPalm Width11.712.212.7
VelvetSkiSleeve Width14.51515.5
Finger Length7.78

Features of XSK-002B Ski Gloves

1. 100% polyester stitching from the back of the hand to the cuffs, three-layer fit, waterproof fabric patch waterproof membrane patch backing is soft and comfortable, elastic, windproof and waterproof, isolate the cold air;

2. Thickened microfiber fleece stitching on the whole side from palm to cuff, with six-sided anti-slip pattern printed on the palm silicone, which is highly efficient in keeping warm and anti-slip, so that you can control it freely when riding or picking up things.

3. 3mm 100% polyester sponge inside, sweat absorption and heat preservation, thickness and temperature;

4. index finger and middle finger plus sewing conductive microfiber, can touch the screen freely.

5. The back of the hand is equipped with 5V heating wire, plus 3000 mAh lithium battery, 1.2V output, can continue to heat for 4 hours, providing super warmth, so that the hands without fear of cold;

6. Wrist plus sewing elastic line and elastic band, cuff plus convenient stretch rope, double protection, contraction freedom, to ensure that the gloves do not fall off the run, avoid cold air into the palm, enhance the effect of warmth.

Detail of XSK-002B Ski Gloves

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