Enhancing Comfort and Safety: Racing Bicycle Gloves Selection Guide

Bicycle racing gloves are riding gears that are worn while riding and provide protection to the hands. In addition to this, they also provide protection from the sun, cold, skid resistance, cushioning, shock absorption and breathability. Bicycle racing gloves, as an indispensable part of the cycling equipment, are not only about the comfort of the ride, but also about the safety of the cyclist

The Importance of Bicycle Racing Gloves

The main reason why bicycle racing gloves are needed is because they protect the wrist joints. As a matter of fact, due to the different sitting postures and gripping styles, the wrist joints are under abnormal tension for a long period of time, which has a negative impact on the nerves and tendons. Bicycle racing gloves play a special role in relieving the pressure on the wrist joints to the greatest extent possible.


Bicycle racing gloves have a special anti-slip design on the inside of the fingers, which helps with handling. The palm of the glove should be fully lined with a non-slip, abrasion-resistant anti-slip material or leather, which increases friction and improves traction. Gloves should fit snugly on the hand so that the fingers can be used freely, and the curved fingers are made of fabrics with ergonomic finger bending design, which enhances finger dexterity and also has the function of breathability.


Bicycle racing gloves are available in half-finger and full-finger varieties. Whether you want to buy full-finger or half-finger depends on your personal needs. When the weather is warm, half-finger gloves are cooler, more flexible, and easy to take small things from your pocket. However, the disadvantage is that they are not waterproof, coldproof, and sunproof, and are not as protective as full-finger gloves. We recommend that you have both types of gloves and check the weather before you go out for a ride to decide which gloves to use.

Windproof and Warmth

Stiff hands can also have a negative impact on vehicle handling. When the bike is moving at high speeds, the rider's ability to maneuver the bike depends largely on the dexterity of the hands. The use of particularly thick cotton gloves is also not recommended. Heavy gloves are not conducive to hand movement unless you are in a very alpine area. Alternatively, bicycle racing gloves with longer wrists can be useful for keeping your hands warm.

All in all, bicycle racing gloves are one of the indispensable equipments when we ride. Choosing the right gloves can not only protect our hands and improve the comfort of riding, but also ensure our safety. XinHanYun is one of the leading professional sporting goods wholesale manufacturers, we will provide you with satisfactory service.

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